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Fall 1998

Two Dogs of Resurrection

G. Lee (Founder)

R. German (Founder)

Fall 1999

7th Day Warriors

A. Davis (Founder)

S. Washington (Founder)

T. Turner (Founder)

G. Battles (Founder)

T. Gates (Founder)

M. Jones (Founder)

F. Thompson (Founder)

Fall 2000

Goof Troop

M. Jones

N. Simmons

A. Carter

T. Dorsett

D. Stephens

R. Jones

L. Monlyn

S. Grier

Spring 2000


T. Kirkland

Fall 2002

Anthrax #1

A. Fischer

L. Prier

R. Hall

N. Ballard

E. Underwood

T. Fair (Deceased)

Spring 2002

Anthrax #2

E. Saunders

K. Roberson

T. Wharwood

Spring 2003

The Pitts

M. King

T.C. Quillet

K. El

L. Spell

N. Gainous

D. Lampkin

Spring 2004

By Myself

L. Bryant

Spring 2006

Golden Girls

A. Dawkins

C. Brown

M. Johnson

Spring 2007

The Miseducation of OmicrOn

S. Pressey

M. Velazquez

N. Wester

T. Smith

J. Jean

Spring 2009

All Alone

D. Jones

Summer 2009

Mixed Breed

S. Gaiter

C. Lewis

D. Lesane

C. Berry

J. Linder

S. Lewis

Fall 2011


S. Turner

A. Tribue

D. Clark

L. Gordon

C. Baker

Summer 2013

All Falls Down

L. Lee

Summer 2014


T. Farmer

D. Kamakea

Spring 2016

The Line Formerly Known As...

T. Harris

Summer 2016

Rock of Ages

A. Nathaniel

Summer 2017

Game of Thrones

J. Smith

Summer 2019

PrOlific 3

S. West

T. Sims
C. Johnson-Finn

Summer 2020

StrOnger Than C-19

T. Woodie

L. McMillian

Summer 2021

Year of the dOg

N. Brocks


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